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Let’s face it technology runs our lives today.

You can use the technology and not lose the personal touch. You can easily reserve rides with us with our online app, or by phone. 973-376-5466

New Jersey Limo Finder understands that if we take care of our tools, our tools will take care of us. So, we offer the most current tech tools for making reservations. We are responsive to our clients, whether it's flight tracking, staying in contact, getting timely receipts, or managing any special requirements.

We are totally up to date with current tools, whether it's booking online through our website app, or using state-of-the-art GPS technology. If you’re a business travel manager, you can take advantage of our boutique experience for your top level executives. You can rest assured that our back end, cloud-based management software is tried and true. Time sensitive information is accurately, securely and automatically sent to our chauffeurs to avoid any last minute problems.

Up to date tech tools are fast, efficient and control our costs to you. Your confidence in our reliability is our goal.


Your information is always secure, because it lives in the cloud under layers of up to date security protocols. Credit cards and personal inormation on file, including; Amex, Visa, and MasterCard are business standard, security compliant. Your total profile is protected with state of the art encryption.

Here are some of the tools we employ for your ease of use:

  1. The phone, yes we love phone calls! Not answering machines - talk to a live person. If we are not available to talk to you right away, we will call you right back. We offer alternatives.
  2. Our 'New Reservations' NJ LimoFinder app available through our website, on your smartphone or tablet. 
  3. Online reservations on our website
  4. Transponet for those in the know! Specifically for travel managers and affiliates.
  5. Global Distributions Services, Like Ground Span, for your travel agent.
  6. Texting and email is quick and easy.
  7. Information is always secure because it lives in the cloud under many layers of security provided by Fasttrak Livery software. 

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