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Senior Transport

New Jersey Limo Finder understands the needs of our seniors. If you have a family member who cannot drive anymore and needs to get around to the grocery store, take in a show, or just go shopping let us help you.

Shedule weekly trips with the same chauffeur so you know who is driving your loved one each time. No longer is there a need to be housebound while other family care givers are away at work during the day.

Doctor visits are hassle free when you have your own personal chauffeur who will assist you or your family member door to door. If you have a special need (such as a collapsible wheel chair) and can stand and walk on a limited basis we can assist you as well.

Our chauffeurs will park and go inside the store or Doctors office to help you get around. We carry groceries/ packages to and from the car for you and will help you get your packages into the house on your request.

The service is secure. Each Chauffeur has been through State and Nationwide background checks. In addition,  you may elect to interview them yourself before services start.

If you have do not need a medical professional to travel with you we are a great option to taking a taxi. All services are charged by the hour, and New Jersey Limo Finder offers up to 50% discount on select daytime hours.

It is affordable since we can set up a program that is tailored to meet any budget and can be used by you daily, weekly or monthly. Please call us to discuss your needs and pricing. 973-376-5466 

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