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New Jersey Limo Finder Network is a full service ground transportation provider

It started with a Mouse, Mickey Mouse!

New Jersey Limo Finder was born from the principles and training in hospitality services I learned over thirty years ago.  As a young eighteen year old, I was fresh on the bus after completing my senior year at Millburn High School in New Jersey.

I was fresh ON the bus because I was trained as a bus driver at Walt Disney World! You know, the same type of busses you see NJ Transit driving today.

It beat working produce for the summer in the Short Hills Kings before college that fall. What 18 year old would not love the Florida life working at Walt Disney World?

That first summer in Orlando before college back north was a blast, little did I know it formed the basis of what my life was to become- a career in hospitality related services. Working for Disney in Orlando was like being a part of a huge family of 32,000 cast members. Yes cast members, you’re not a employee there, you're part of the show.  

 New Jersey Limo Finder works from the same customer service training I learned at Walt Disney World. The training I got at Walt Disney World  has served me in every aspect of life since 1983.

I now personally look for and train others who can work the Disney way for New Jersey Limo Finder. These same customer service principles now extend to my own staff through driving and safety training and the "cast members" at New Jersey Limo Finder know the role they play to you. 

Good Training in customer service is what makes us shine. Let’s face it, most transportation providers look to be about the same depending on what level of services they offer.

Look at enough limo websites and they all start to look the same, but their services are not the same. Often New Jersey Limo Finder is the service that backs up the larger Limousine companies in Northern New Jersey. They are our partners, allowing us to stay small and focused on you and still handle much larger needs as required.

New Jersey Limo Finder operates on a personal level where we understand your business and personal travel needs. We thrive on helping others. Boutique is our middle name, small but mighty enough to handle any transportation needs. With a wide network of affiliates, we can secure the exact vehicle for your specific needs.

I invite you to give me a call and let me share more about my company. I'm interested in what transportation services we can provide for you.

New Jersey Limo Finder was established in my hometown of Millburn, New Jersey in 2009. It was started originally as Orlando Limo Finder in 2004 in Orlando, Florida. We currently employ knowledgeable and dedicated executive chauffeurs with professional backgrounds, ranging from retired policemen to former executives. 

We hope to serve you in the near future. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

Christian Stochholm
Owner and Founder

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